Camera-Ready Information


The same formatting rules used for the submission hold also for the camera-ready version. The papers using Latex should use the following statement to specify the correct style:


The papers must use Type 1 fonts (scalable), not Type 3 (bit-mapped), and all fonts must be embedded within the PDF file.
The ACM provides detailed instructions on how to use the templates here.

Additional information:

– for Word: Manual
– for Latex: Tex User Guide

Authors are allowed up to 14 pages (A4 or US Letter) of technical content including all appendices, and it is up to the shepherd to approve the 1 to 2 extra pages. There is no limit on the number of references (within reason), and they do not count towards the 14 pages.


Authors will receive soon an email from asking them to submit the ACM copyright form. If you have not received such an email, or if you want another author to take care of this process, please contact Miguel Matos at Once you upload your ACM copyright form, you will receive the correct DOI and copyright text block to include in your camera-ready version.

Source files

ACM requires authors to also upload all source files required to produce the camera-ready paper, together with the PDF. Please do so by logging into HotCRP, choosing ‘Edit submission’, and then using ‘Final version’ to upload the PDF and, further down the page, ‘ZIP file…” for the PDF together with source files (yes, the PDF gets uploaded twice).


March 31, 2020 23:59 GMT is a hard deadline for the camera-ready paper (PDF + sources + copyright submission).